Will 2015 be the year of solar?

Here at TTalents, we have been watching the solar sector with much interest. The market shares in high-efficiency solar modules have been increasing and increasing. At the same time, rooftop based greentech such as solar panels for both domestic and industrial use, have been becoming ever more popular. So, we ask, will 2015 be the year of solar energy?

Rooftop and high efficiency solar modules

High efficiency solar panels are coming in to their own at the moment. Many of the most efficient solar modules have a copper foundation, which makes them especially resistant to corrosion. Solar cell manufacturers are also swapping the weak connections in their cells with sturdier, thicker connectors. In the past, with these weak connections, if just one connection failed then that would mean that the whole cell was out of action.


Present day solar cell connectors are much more resistant to failure, and also the loss of one connector does not have such a drastic effect on the rest of the cell. These new connectors are also designed to expand and contract in line with changes in temperature and sunlight levels throughout the day.

If you had been dissuaded from installing solar panels on your home or business due to reports of the inefficiency of this method, then 2015 is surely the year to re-investigate this green and now highly efficient form of tech.

Leases for residential solar modules peak

In 2014, the number of people taking out loans on solar panels for residential properties reached a peak in the US. The way this usually works is that solar panels are installed in a home’s rooftop and then gradually paid for in instalments.

This attractive offer has become a key part of the packages put together by companies who manufacture solar panels, as a matter of course. The high rate of uptake on offered solar panel loans shows how very popular this technology is going to be in 2015.

Can you power a home or small business with solar panels?

The short answer is yes. The new generation of copper backed solar panels with sturdy connectors can generate and store enough electricity to power a home during the summer months. Making your business greener using greentech like this can also be a very attractive selling point that wins over eco friendly customers and helps to show your dedication to the environment.


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