Ampelmann Technology for safe offshore access

Accessing any offshore structure can be problematic due to the movement of a vessel compared to the structure. Ampelmann has developed the solution for this challenge. Similar to a flight simulator, the Ampelmann eliminates any relative motion by taking instant measurements of the ship’s motions and then compensates them by using 6 hydraulic cylinders. The result: the top of the Ampelmann remains completely stationary compared to the structure. The offshore gangway can then be extended towards the structure so all personnel can walk to work offshore safely, even in high wave conditions.

All products developed by Ampelmann are designed with safety in mind. This means that critical components are equipped redundantly to ensure safe operations at all times. The full system is checked and certified by a third party: Lloyd’s Register.

e-type - Ampelmann Technology for safe offshore access

Fast deployment

Ampelmann motion compensated gangway systems can be installed on any vessel with sufficient deck space in about 8 hours. The systems are plug & play and operate stand-alone with their own power packs. No modifications to the platform are required to enable safe landings with the heave compensated gangway making it a cost efficient operation. To ensure swift mobilization, Ampelmann operates a fleet of standard systems across the globe with a growing geographical spread.

Flexible Solutions

Next to transferring people, the system can also be used for cargo transfer. Several applications have been developed for small tools, larger equipment like generators or for fuel- and grout hoses. The absence of relative motion between the Ampelmann and structures also makes transfer of goods and equipment a safe and efficient operation.


Ampelmann E-Type

The E-Type system is based on the same self-stabilizing technology as the A-Type. However its cylinders are sized up 1.5 times. Therefore, the E-Type is the bigger brother of the A-Type.

Due to the greater size of its cylinders, the E-type is capable of operating in higher sea states. Not only do the greater cylinders achieve compensation during rougher sea states, the E-type’s cylinders are designed to compensate for loads up to 100 tons centric.

The E-Type is mainly designed to operate in rough weather conditions and can therefore extend the weather window of our clients. It also acts as a fully compensated base for Cargo Transfer Systems and is intended to keep helipads stationary.

Watch the Ampelmann E-type in action
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