The Netherlands is putting the Dutch Urban Approach platform on to the international market

New platform launched for sustainability of global urbanisation.

Cities across the world are facing tremendous economic, environmental and social challenges. The Netherlands has expertise in liveable, vibrant and resilient cities which are held in high esteem abroad. For this reason, Royal HaskoningDHV, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Urhahn and the Eindhoven University of Technology launched the Dutch Urban Approach platform on 15 September.

Dutch Urban Approach

Proud of the Dutch approach

Dutch expertise in the approach to good quality of life in cities is recognised and valued abroad. Here we have in mind concepts like cycling city, designs with water, the notion of urban regional networks and seeking consensus as a tried and tested form of governance. The Dutch Urban Approach innovation platform’s aim is to contribute to global urbanisation issues with a confident, Dutch contribution and through exchange of knowledge and expertise at an international level. Needless to say, the partners also want to profit from this. An interesting aspect in this initiative is that Royal HaskoningDHV is joining forces with Arcadis and several smaller urban designers, among others. Six Dutch universities have also come to the party.

Dutch Urban Approach matrix


A broader international application

According to the platform, the core issue around the globe is: how do we link urbanisation with competitiveness, liveability and social inclusiveness? Our ambition is to give Dutch solutions for urban challenges a broader international application. The platform is a doorbell for questions from abroad, and missions and events. The partners view the Netherlands as a living lab and together they are keen to be front runners in putting knowledge into practice. Dutch Urban Approach will start out as a modest network which will then interlink the Agenda Stad (the Dutch Urban Agenda), top sectors and initiatives such as Resilient Delta Cities. We are not repeating what has already been done, instead our aim is to expand the synergy even further.


The pillars of the platform are: to explore (share knowledge and network), to display (exhibit innovative projects developed with Dutch knowledge and expertise on international podiums) and to export (the platform as a postbox for international calls and a matchmaker for opportunities from the EU, World Bank and partner countries). The Dutch Urban Approach is based on four storylines:

  • Smart and clean urban mobility
  • Healthy and sustainable urbanisation
  • Design using water and nature as a basis
  • Innovation rooted in shared ownership

Dutch Urban Approach

Urban Challenge

Thanks to its global knowledge and experience in urban issues, Royal HaskoningDHV has a deep understanding of urban DNA and has developed a vision of the city in 2050. It is our mission to contribute to enhancing the liveability in cities.


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