Event Management

Organizing an event can be somewhat of a hassle. We can help out in different phases of the process when organizing an event with a technological lining.

Display your event

We offer the opportunity to create your own event page on TTalents.com which will reach the potential visitors you are looking for when organizing an in-house day or similar event. We will make sure that your potential visitors get in contact with your event by use of our website’s traffic as well as our social media channels.

But you might not just need visitors. If you want to organize a trade show, expo or convention of some sort it might be exhibitors that you are looking for to attract. We can make sure that your event page is brought to the attention of potential exhibitors by use of our vast network of businesses in the sectors of technology and engineering.

If you have your own event page, as part of your company page or separately, we can help with generating traffic to that page. Please check out our Generate Traffic and Sponsored Post pages.

Technical Talents

We are specialized in reaching out to TTalents. We have divided this category into three parts: CareersEducation and Technical Talents. Our Career categorie has two more sub-categories (Business Courses & Internships).It is all about inspiring and motivatie Technical Talents!

Organize your event

Our event management team can be a good partner in crime when you need help with organizing your event. TTalents.com has experience in organizing events from creation to execution and evaluation.  For example, we can determine what would be the best location for your event by using our connections with multiple venues suitable for a divers range of events. We can also contribute to setting up the marketing strategy for your event as well as selecting the best partner to carry out the marketing activities. And we can thoroughly follow your event and provide you with an detailed evaluation report which will help you maximize results for your future events.

Our event management team can be a good partner in crime helping with the organization of events in the technical sector. We can help in different phases of the proces. First of all we can create your own event page on TTalents.com where we generate leads, please also check out our Lead Generation page. Secondly, if your company needs help with creating assets for the campaign TTalents.com is also the right partner. We know how to reach the right audience for your event. This could be an event for technical talents, like a business course or company fair specially for technical talents. Or TTalents.com could help organize an event for technical professionals and companies. Let's Talk (groen)We will promote the event though our website, social media and our connections in the technical sector. Please also refer to our sponsored post page. It is also possible that we organize the event from begin to end. Interested in what we can do for you?

If you want to make the most of your technological or engineering event, you’re looking in the right place. Contact us and take advantage of TTalents.com’s experience in organizing events from beginning to end!

Interested in what TTalents.com can do for your event? Please inquire about our services and we will be happy to clarify.