The Free Universal Construction Kit

“I’m trying to connect this, ummm, into here, and then make it like a car, and connect this into there.” This is something that probably sounds familiar to any parent who has seen their children fumbling with construction toys and asked what they were trying to do. How we start this blog is about a 4 year old boy who had grown frustrated trying to build a car out of different brands of construction toys using the Free Universal Construction Kit.

The kit offers a free download of 3D printable adapter bricks that enable interoperability between a width range of populair construction toys. Each brick features a male and female connector of two different brands, which makes it possible for children to play more creatively with all their different toys.

Free Universal Construction Kit 03

That the Free Universal Construction Kit is first and foremost an artistic statement on intellectual property rights and grassroots fixing is clear. However, it is also a great visual example of the capacity of 3D printing for producing custum-made adapters and connectors between a plentitude of already existing objects and components. Items are brought together that would not normally interact in any way be unless duct tape was involved.

Free Universal Construction Kit 02

The result may be highly individual one-off solutions where the same need will never arise again. In other cases, like to Free universal Construction Kit, there may be commercial, economical, or other reasons why suck parts do not exists.

Source: Leapfrog 3D printers &:

Printing Things: Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing


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