Honoring American Innovations and Technical Talents

Without the innovations and technical talents of several men and women during the early years of the United States, the country wouldn’t be where it is today. Much of the country’s architectural and industrial development can be attributed to a handful of prominent individuals and numerous skilled tradespeople. One American institution that has been training many of these skilled trades workers for over 65 years, Tulsa Welding School, recently honored their contributions with an infographic titled “The Tradesmen that Built America.”


Some of the innovators highlighted in the infographic include Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and Cornelius Vanderbilt, as well as Henry Ford, Elihu Thomson and Nikola Tesla. You may recognize some of these names because of Carnegie Hall and Rockefeller Center. These are just some of the landmark structures that contributed to the face of America as we know it today.

Technical Talents

While the innovators may have been given much of the glory for transforming the country’s construction industries, there were many individuals who built America from the ground up but received less credit. It took the technical talents of the following skilled trades workers to shape the modern American landscape: pipefitters, plumbers, steamfitters, electricians, brickmasons, stonemasons, block masons, carpenters, cement masons, terrazzo workers, welders, cutters, brazers, solderers, fabricators, assemblers and electro-mechanical technicians. As the infographic illustrates, these fields continue to grow today, reflecting the continual need to rebuild and improve the infrastructure of the United States.

Architectural Legacies
Lastly, the infographic highlights some of the architectural legacies these influential Americans left behind, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Hoover Dam and the Gateway Arch. Understanding the history of such structures lends insight into the power of a country’s inhabitants—who carved their own signature style into its landscape based on their cultural values.
Check out the infographic to learn more about “The Tradesmen That Built America.”

Text: Audrey Clark

Honoring American Innovations and Technical Talents

Source: Tradesmen infographic


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