Introduction new VDL Futura double-decker

This month VDL Bus & Coach, part of VDL Groep in Eindhoven, introduced its newVDL Futura double-decker coach, the VDL Futura FDD2. It is the successor of the VDL Synergy. The new Futura double-decker is available in two lengths: 13 meters (up to 84 passengers) and 14 meters (up to 96 passengers) and offers travellers great comfort during long-distance holiday trips and intercity transport. The VDL Futura FFD2 is produced in Valkenswaard.


Design VDL Futura FDD2
The new VDL Futura double-decker is the third model of the Futura family. With its height of four meters it is a real eye-catcher on the road. In addition, the VDL Futura FDD2 has the aerodynamic shape that characterises the Futura family. This is partly reflected in the arrow-shaped headlight units, the contour lights above the windscreen and the dynamically styled rear lights. The interior is composed of lightweight materials and finished with round corners and light colours.


Modular construction
The VDL Futura FDD2 is constructed in a modular manner. The modules are produced in the production halls at VDL Bus Modules in Valkenswaard. Then the modules are preassembled, after which they are joined together on a short production line. The separate manufacturing of the various components of the Futura coaches makes it possible to remove the raw material processing – welding, sawing, cutting – from the assembly area, so assembly can be performed in an extremely clean and efficient manner.


Modular construction results in considerable weight savings. Weight savings are found in the sandwich panel floor and roof, which VDL developed in-house, and also in several interior elements. Lightweight plus a fuel-efficient powertrain means financial benefit for the coach operator. The vehicle’s low kerb weight makes it possible to carry more passengers, and a light vehicle consumes less fuel. Moreover, the VDL Futura FDD2 is equipped with the latest active braking system that assists the driver in identifying and quickly braking in emergency situations.


VDL Bus & Coach
The core activities of VDL Bus & Coach consist of the development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales of a wide range of buses, coaches and chassis modules and the purchase and sales of second-hand buses. VDL Bus & Coach consists of multiple bus companies that are collectively active in the global market. Manufacturing takes place in the Netherlands and Belgium. VDL Bus & Coach is one of the largest bus producers in Europe.



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