Jacobs wins ‘Best Internship Company of the Year’ in the Netherlands

Jacobs Engineering recently won the distinction of ‘Best Internship Company of the Year 2015’ in the Netherlands on behalf of the Dutch organization Studentenbureau.

The company was nominated by an intern, Fabian Raaphorst, who worked for Jacobs in 2014. His nomination was inspired by interesting and challenging assignments, good guidance and coaching. The jury chose Jacobs based on criteria such as the role of interns in our organization, development opportunities, guidance and coaching, working conditions and end results.

jacobs engineering internship

Fabian currently works at Jacobs on a mechanical engineering team and is writing a manual for fire heated equipment. “I understand why Jacobs was nominated,” Fabian said. “I have a challenging task, but my supervisors and colleagues help me out when necessary. The guidance I get at Jacobs is much better than in any of my previous internships.”

Studentenbureau encounters many situations in which working conditions for interns can be improved. Trainees indicate that they are getting no or little guidance and that they are not being treated seriously. By organizing this award, the company aims to create awareness within businesses, government and education to structurally improve the conditions for interns.

jacobs engineering internship

Opportunities for Technical Talents

Jacobs Engineering takes great pride in creating an ethical, safe, and healthy environment where all employees can learn, grow, and thrive, both personally and professionally. They offer a number of opportunities to get started with you, even while still in school; grow into new challenges as you progress; keep your career advancing as you are ready to take on more; and be involved with or potentially lead exciting and innovative projects that help change the world.

Grow with Jacobs Engineering. Let’s see what is in for you!


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