Lamborghini Yacht Concept by Mauro Lecchi

The new Lamborghini Yacht concept by Mauro Lecchi. It’s been a while since Lamborghini owners can only use their Lamborghini vechicles on land. Pushing this limit forward, designer Mauro Lecchi thought of a new design concept: a Lamborghini to use off-shore, inspired by the style and design of the famous sport cars. This is how the Lamborghini Yacht came into being. The Lamborghini Yacht is 15m long, 4m wide and 3.8m high. It is made from carbon fiber or Kevlar in the lamination process, to keep a light structure and capability of high speed. The yacht comes in three motor options, including a dual v12 Lamborghini one. This luxury cruiser’s design is angular and progressive, with seating both fore and aft, with the cabin in a modern design, with a large overhead glass and strong structural shapes alongside.

Check out the Lamborghini Yacht Concept








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