More energy, less CO2?

The world’s energy needs are increasing every day, and meeting these demands can be a challenging process – but not impossible. The number of people on our planet is projected to reach nine billion by 2050; that’s two billion more people than we have living in the world today. This of course means an even larger increase in energy demands, and producing all this energy has been known to cause adverse effects that our environment simply isn’t able to tolerate anymore. That’s why it is time to find new, cleaner energy sources that can meet the increasing demands of our society while at the same time presenting a lesser burden for our environment.


More energy, less CO2?

CO2 emissions are one of the most important global problems nowadays, and all our strengths should be pointed towards reducing them, not increasing them. But is it even possible to produce energy without at the same time also producing CO2 emissions? The answer is yes – but it does require new, innovative approaches that are known as renewable sources of energy. These sources of energy, such as wind energy and solar energy, offer great solutions; however, they also require a lot of time. Since the projections show that the demand for energy could double in first half of this century, there may not be enough time.

Natural gas offers an affordable and environmentally acceptable solution

Natural gas is an excellent alternative to coal, which has been widely used up until now. Natural gas is known as the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, and it offers an affordable, available and environmentally acceptable solution for the world’s increased energy needs. It isn’t only a great option to provide more energy; it is also extremely efficient with providing cleaner energy, which means that it doesn’t burden the environment as much as some other popular fuels. Natural gas is also extremely versatile: it can be used to fuel ships, trucks, buses and trains, so it is a great alternative to meet the increasing demands for transport on the global scale. Natural gas is therefore an innovative and environment-friendly solution that could play a big part in saving our planet from the consequences of pollution.

More Energy, less CO2


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