New naval hero for NAM: compact robot crane RoBorg

The maintenance vessel Kroonborg will soon have a new ‘crew member’, a compact robot crane RoBorg. The RoBorg is a robotic crane for work on production wells  at unmanned platforms in the North Sea.

NAM produces natural gas in the North Sea at 23 platforms from 80 production wells. For a safe and efficient gas production the NAM performs year-round inspection and maintenance activities. The Kroonborg will soon be able to perform these activities with the support of the RoBorg. Due to the flexible deployment of the RoBorg separate cranes on platforms, work vessels and –platforms are no longer needed.

compact robot crane RoBorg

The compact robot crane RoBorg inspects and repairs

NAM manages in total 158 production wells in the North Sea. In addition to the 80 active wells there are 78 wells currently not in use. NAM monitors all wells with cameras and pressure measurements and regularly carries out inspections and repairs.  Until recently these activities required large cranes or temporary, expensive platforms were installed. With the RoBorg this large equipment is no longer needed. The Kroonborg visits the platforms where activies are planned to the wells during a two-week round. Well specialists place the RoBorg onto the platform to begin the work activities.

compact robot crane RoBorg

Flexible and efficient

With the RoBorg NAM can perform almost all necessary lift activities. The RoBorg is remotely controlled and performs many tasks, taking into account the safety requirements. RoBorg enables flexible and efficient working at sea. Expensive platforms and vessels are no longer needed, resulting in a saving on operational costs

Earlier NAM introduced a new, efficient way of working on unmanned platforms at sea with the maintenance vessel Kroonborg. NAM operates in a safe and comfortable way at sea by using this Walk to Work vessel. Employees no longer have to go to work with helicopters. This means less travel and waiting time. Reducing the helicopter flights by 30% also means less CO2 emissions.

In the recent months many tests were performed with the RoBorg at the NAM location in Zuidbroek. During these tests the environment of an offshore platform was simulated. The compact robotic crane was initially developed to assist in the maintenance of the Shell refineries in Pernis and Moerdijk. It is the first time that this type of mini-crane will be used for well maintenance in the offshore industry.


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