OCRS, Cleantech solution for oil spill problems

Everybody will remember the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. During 87 days some 800 million liter of oil was spilled in the ocean. Only 25% was recovered at a cost of approx. $ 30 billion.

OCRS, Cleantech solution for oil spill problems

According to some sources each year about 1.500 million liter of oil is spilled in waters around the globe. Only around 20% is recovered at a huge cost. The rest continues to pollute the environment during decennies.

An international team of business people, 1 Dutch, 1 Flemish and 2 German established OCRS as a Dutch BV in september 2015.

The two latter shareholders have furthermore a vast experience in the off- and onshore maritime world.

OCRS is a YES!DELFT technological, innovative start-up, that develops a cleantech solution for oil spill problems.

OCRS develops a simple, patented, non toxic system to clean oil spills in harbours, waterways, coastal waters and offshore. A liquid oleophilic and hydrophobic absorbent is sprayed on oil polluted water. It almost immediately expands and becomes a sponge, a carpet which captures the oil. Oil and carpet can be recovered from the water, separated and recycled in the economy.

Our service is avoiding further damage to the economy and environment and is cheaper than present methods.

The 1st proof of concept was a great succes (see picture). In the coming months multiple testing of different sorts of oil (spills) in changing circumstances such as in fresh, salty, brackish, tropical, icy, etc… waters will take place.

OCRS, Cleantech solution for oil spill problems

The first market segmentation we are targeting are ports, yacht harbours and inland waterways, with hopefully the ports of Rotterdam and/or Antwerp as the first customer.

Later on we certainly will also concentrate on the possibilities to clean oil spills from ice. Today there is no foolproof solution should oil be spilled from the arctic wells on the North Pole ice.

Don’t sweep oil-spills any longer under the carpet!

OCRS, Cleantech solution for oil spill problems


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