Other uses for shipping containers

Shipping containers are very useful in the world of import and export but very often they can be decommissioned when old or broken or simply no longer needed. That’s a lot of metal to get rid of and although it can be melted down and recycled there’s other uses for them that may surprise you!

A Small House

A shopping container can be turned into a small house like this one.

shipping container home

As you can see, it’s not very small but it’s great for short term lets, students, holidaymakers and more. Not to mention once weatherproofed it can be structurally sound and of course because it’s recycled it’s also environmentally friendly.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we’re sure that someone will find it in these wonderful creations.

shipping containers

While they may not be your cup of tea, they will certainly brighten up an art exhibition and impress many who go to see them.

Activity Centres

Children are always interested in new and interesting places and many local authorities and nurseries are looking for ways to save money. What better way than to turn an unused shipping container into a play centre. They can even be stacked or turned into mazes to make the experience that bit more exciting. Although they will need to be made safe, by using the container as the basis it does save a lot of money by not having to construct a building from scratch.

shipping container bridge

Pop-Up Shops

Businesses that are mobile are great fun, they get to choose their location and spread the word about their amazing products. A shipping container makes a great foundation for a pop up shop that can be fitted with solar panels, ovens, music systems and more. City residents love to see new and exciting ideas so this is perfect for the small business owner. They can even be securely locked at night when staying in locations for days at a time.

shipping container pop up


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