Sponsored Video Marketing

Based on our sister company OG Filmproductions, TTalents.com has years of experience producing engaging videos.

With the production of videos over the past years we have learned that engineers and technical talents love video content. This includes one strong video or a series of episodes.

This is not the only thing we have learned. Marketers often struggle with creating video content that truly relates to the technological sector and its talents. Furthermore it is difficult to distribute a video to its designated target audience as to unleash its full potential.

This where TTalents.com offers the solution! We provide a complete turnkey solution, including casting, (intro) music & graphics, scripting, shooting, editing, packaging and distribution.

With this turnkey service for your sponsored video we amplify your return on investment, for we can provide it with an engaged technical interested audience. We can even target a specific technical subject and audience by showing the video in selected categories.

Concept phase

First we assign one of our experts to your account in order to review your initial ideas and to get an understanding of what you want to achieve with the video(s). Based on this first meeting we will generate a video (or series) concept for your approval.

  • Show concept – what is the video/series about
  • Topic ideas for video or several episodes
  • Name(s) of the video(s)
  • Defining the format – dramatic, set or news style
  • Casting auditions
  • Hiring equipment and editors
  • Intro graphics
  • Music

We will conduct the concept in approval with the client. After we finalized the concept we will ask the client for its feedback. Once you have approved the concept the next stage will commence.

Shooting phase

During the shooting phase the concept will be elaborated and executed. For each video TTalents.com must take the following actions:

  • Research topic
  • Script draft 1
  • Feedback draft script 1
  • Script draft 2
  • Client sign off script
  • Schedule shooting
  • On set recording
  • Editing
  • Feedback editing
  • Client sign off video

Distribution phase

We from TTalents.com have the right experiences and means to help you with the distribution of your video through both push and pull tactics. With our channels we know how to reach your desired target group online.

Our online distribution channels include:

  • Featured item on the homepage for a week.
  • Featured item on a selected subpage of TTalents.com or within a category.
  • Our TTalents Newsletter.
  • Our social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Twitter.

Return on your investment

Today one of the most interesting challenges for marketers is creating highly valuable video content and broadcast it by means of the right sponsored video marketing.

Let's Talk (blauw)TTalents.com provides its clients with a copy of the produced videos. We are included in the process of making the video and therefor we consider them to be of high value for your inbound marketing strategy. So take the liberty of displaying it on your company website and within your communities.

We advice companies to promote the videos through their own social media channels, trade shows and sales teams to get a higher return on your investment!