Superhuman Vision

According to the Ocumedics Technology Corp website, “freedom from glasses and contact lenses is a goal that is now a reality”. The company has recently created “bionic lenses” that allows the wearer to see with unprecedented clarity. It is said to give a visual clarity three times clearer than normal 20/20 eyesight. The company’s Canadian CEO, Dr. Gareth Webb, worked on the lenses for eight years, at a cost of $3 million, and is credited with the technology.

In a recent interview with CBC, Webb gave an example that if a person cannot see a clock from 10 feet away, the new lenses would allow the wearer to see it clearly at 30 feet. He went on to claim that, “this is vision enhancement that world has never seen before.” If Webb’s technology is proven to be true, these lenses would truly bring superhuman vision to the world.

The procedure

The process of fitting an Ocumetics’ Bionic Lens is similar to the procedures used in cataract surgery. This entails the removal of the original lens of the eye, replacing it with the bionic lens through process of injection with a saline solution. In addition to restoring and enhancing clarity of sight, as the new technology does not decay, as natural lenses do, it is said that the lens would prevent conditions such as cataracts from developing.

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Doubts surrounding the procedure are almost non-existent. The lenses are made up of inert materials, therefore, there is no alteration in the actual physiognomy of the eye and consequently, there no danger of eye damage. The significance of this recent development in eye enhancement could well do away with the conventional methods of corrective accessories such as contact lenses and glasses.

Positive support from leading ophthalmologists

This claim has triggered positive responses among leading ophthalmologists, and has spurred participants to go in for clinical trials.

Experienced surgeons are eager to note the bionic lens’ success which would bring superhuman vision into reality. In the past, previous revelations have not come to fruition and as a result, some scepticism will always linger around the project. Despite any cynical feelings, many scientists feel the project will lead to a positive outcome, leaving Dr. Webb with a wealth of support behind him.

If the product is indeed a success, current visual enhancements and accessories could gradually fall out of use. Superhuman vision could soon become a reality, on the condition the bionic lens passes the necessary clinical trials.


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