Should Technical Talents Get an MBA!?

Career aspirations, individual choices, available resources and time constraints influence the decision to pursue an advanced degree. For undergraduates completing an accounting or finance degree, obtaining an MBA seems the logical career direction for enhanced advancement opportunities in management or executive level positions. A more interesting question to consider is should technical talents get an MBA degree? The response is not clear-cut as to whether technically oriented professionals should step out of their structured comfort zone for an MBA education. Some experts choose to pursue this path rather than an M.S./Ph.D. track.

Technical Talents Get an MBA!?

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This decision depends on whether they want to delve further in their speciality or if the wish to broaden their competencies for career changes, leadership capabilities or entrepreneurial challenges. Top performers who concentrate in either trajectory recommend that recent graduates work in their chosen field before making an informed decision. Advanced degree seekers should also interview colleagues who obtained an MBA or who continued their occupational development to gain valuable insight. What defines a technical talent? Does it simplify answering the question of should technical talents get a MBA degree?

What Defines a Technical Talent?

A technical talent encompasses a broad definition that describes professionals in a spectrum of analytical fields. Technical experts usually train in one specific and highly specialized skill set at a sophisticated level. They include scientists, programmers and engineers. Even though technical masters possess strong core foundations for solving complex mathematical problems, they may have a lesser understanding of the business management role needed in many careers. Therefore, technical talents may lack a broader-based knowledge in such areas as leadership, finance and marketing. Due to these factors, should technical talents get an MBA degree? Seeking an MBA versus an M.S./Ph.D. degree for elite professionals leverages a complex set of issues including factoring personal and financial rewards, individual commitment and career definition.

Technical Talents Get an MBA!?

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Strategic Knowledge Considerations

Many technical talents don’t consider strategic knowledge when pursuing specialized practical training. With career progression in their chosen occupation, they may need the managerial skills of financial forecasting and product distribution that an MBA provides. An MBA coupled with a B.S. degree can be a catalyst that allows high-tech talents to change positions, furthering earnings. Business savvy pertains to all fields while specific technical expertise may be applicable only to a certain industry. While technical expertise facilitates condensing and analyzing information and data in an efficient manner, an MBA degree refines and expands problem-solving skills from a business and global perspective.

Advanced leadership capabilities, career shifts and entrepreneurial ambitions also contribute in choosing an MBA course. For professionals who aspire to executive leadership positions in their speciality, an MBA qualification provides both the business-based understanding and leadership abilities needed for career growth. Those seeking new challenges or alternatives outside their industry may choose an MBA programme, as it is applicable to a wide-range of disciplines with a comprehensive knowledge base. Opting for MBA qualification allows technical talents to change careers as well as industries. Other specialists may want to follow a more entrepreneurial road that involves starting their companies or providing consulting services. Both entrepreneurial goals require the solid financial and management underpinnings that an MBA provides.

Technical Talents Get an MBA!?

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Should technical talents get an MBA degree? The response depends on expectations, limitations and motivations. Technical mavens need to expand their aptitudes to stay competitive. Whether sharpening their business acumen means to pursue an MBA or to opt for on the job learning combined with an M.S./Ph.D. degree for advancement remains an individual choice. Finding the personal method that works best for technical talents is the best answer to this question.


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