The Roadprinter

Paving by hand … it is done the same way for centuries. Being a paver is one of the toughest jobs out there. It’s time for a change, the man must come first! If this change also entails, that quality and productivity increase, it is a big step forward.

The RoadPrinter brings you this step forward. A simple to operate and maintenance free machine that does the job.

The RoadPrinter

The RoadPrinter is a divisible paving machine of 4, 5 and 6 meters which can pave a whole road with edge finishing at once. The machine can pave a road with a maximum width of 6 meters in once. The road width is adjustable on the machine, allowing all widths from 1 meter to 6 meters to be laid.

It is a very easy to use machine. A short training is sufficient and allows people to work with the machine on a professional base. The RoadPrinter uses gravity to the process the paving stones for paving the road, no moving or automated accessories are needed. The paving stones lower naturally and will be processed directly in the right pattern on to the road. Because the finishing of the edges is directly done on the machine, the pavers do not have to get on their knees for fixing the edges (They work in a good ergonomic position which makes their job much lighter and more efficient) and the road is filled and finished instantly!

The RoadPrinter

The RoadPrinter can handle a wide variety of stone types, for example concrete stones, baked stones and used stones. With the RoadPrinter you can pave the most common patterns. For example Fishbone pattern or Block pattern.


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