Van Oord strengthens position in Caspian Sea

Dredging and Marine contractor Van Oord executes several contracts in the Caspian Sea region with a total value of more than 500 million US $. During the visit of the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to Kazakhstan on Wednesday 2 December 2015 Van Oord announced the award of several contracts in the Caspian Sea.

The first project comprises the dredging of a 68-kilometre-long access channel to a new cargo offloading facility to be operated by TenizService. Four cutter suction dredgers are removing a total of some 17 million cubic metres of soil in shallow water. The project will enable the expansion of the Prorva port to help facilitate the growth of Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry.

Van Oord Caspian Sea

Preparation Service Installation of Pipelines


From left: Head of the business delegation Ineke Dezentjé Hamming-Bluemink, Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Prime Minister Karim Massimov and COO Paul Verheul

In the second project Van Oord is performing the preparatory work for the installation of two pipelines in the same region. This project involves excavating and backfilling two 8 km long trenches. Furthermore, Van Oord is dredging an access channel and the seabed will be levelled.

Van Oord is proud to be playing a significant role in helping expand Kazakhstan’s economic growth opportunities. ‘With these projects Van Oord contributes to the further economic development of the Caspian Sea region’, says Paul Verheul, COO and member of the Executive Board.

Source: Van Oord


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