Samsung invests in water repellent glass for smartphones

Smartphones and tablets from Samsung have a special kind of water repellent glass, which can make smartphone screens better stay clean than before. The smartphone maker has bought an exclusive license to a glass coating developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, part of the US Department of Energy.

water repellent glass

The coating is ‘hydrophobic’. This means that water droplets are repelled and right of the glass rolling down or bounce. When water flows down the screen, it also takes dust and dirt with it. Further, the glass with the coating reflects less than a “normal” variant and would also be less sensitive to fingerprints.

Samsung only has a license to use the coating in electronics, but according to the Oak Ridge researchers glass is also good might be useful to include lenses and solar panels.

It is unclear how soon Samsung could use the glass in its smartphones. Smartphones currently on the market typically use ‘Gorilla Glass‘ for their screens, an additional scratch-resistant type of glass. It is unclear whether the water-repellent coating is thus to combine.

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