What is Consulting Engineering?

Consulting engineering is a service that provides the expertise of independent and professional engineers, technologists and scientists to governments, construction companies and industries that don’t have their own team of in-house engineers. Engineering consultancy can be provided by specialist companies or self-employed engineers. Some companies are multinational corporations employing thousands world-wide.

Consulting engineering is an important role responsible for designing and building the infrastructure of companies and countries. Projects are carried out by teams of professionals from different disciplines, as well as by dedicated engineers and technologists. Whatever the construction of the team it will usually be led by a professional engineer. Multinational engineering consultancies will be able to create teams from within their own employees, whereas smaller firms will take engineers on temporary contracts.

What is Consulting Engineering - Image Credits:Bence Kádas/Flickr

Image Credits: Bence Kádas/Flickr

What is the role of a Consultant Engineer?

Consultant engineering provides an employment opportunity for engineers and professionals who bring a variety of personal and professional skills. Companies will have staff of all ages and experience, from all fields of technical specialities and with different levels of business, managerial, financial, project management and administrative expertise.

Being a consulting engineer brings the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, including the purely scientific or technical, as well as having a role in the coordination and management of projects. If managing a project the consulting engineer will be responsible for the efforts and work of other team members from many different disciplines. Their role is to ensure the project is delivered in an efficient and effective way and on time. Some consulting engineers will always work within the narrow field of their expertise but many will find a great variety of opportunities.

What is Consulting Engineering - Image credits:Calistobreeze/Flickr

Image credits: Calistobreeze/Flickr

What is a Technologist?

A technologist has a more specific role within the world of engineering. They are specialists with the responsibility for implementing the required technologies within an engineering project. Their training allows them to apply the principles and skills of basic engineering and technology in close cooperation with other engineers on a variety of projects. Generally a technologist is under the lead of an engineer but some highly-skilled technologists will become project leads within consulting engineering firms.

What is Consulting Engineering - Image Credits:Lawrence Tech Library/Flickr

Image Credits: Lawrence Tech Library/Flickr

Does Engineering Consultancy employ other professions and disciplines?

Many other professions will be involved in consultancy projects. These might include specialist and general engineers, planners, surveyors, environmental biologists, CAD operators, architects, archaeologists, construction specialists, economists and property negotiators, as well as other specialists dictated by the requirements of the project.

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