Will self-driving taxis beat Uber?

Self-driving taxis are something that seemed like a distant future not so long ago, but these days, with help of Google they are becoming a reality. This could mean that Uber, an innovative app-based transportation company that has revolutionized the way we perceive transport, could now be facing some very fierce competition as Google, one of the most well-known companies in the world, contemplates entering the market of ride-sharing with their self-driving cars. Who will be the winner of this fierce battle and how much longer will those of us who are anxious to try that self-driving taxi already have to wait?


Google is making amazing progress with their self-driving vehicles

Google has recently unveiled their latest pride and joy: a fully functioning prototype of a self-driving car. The car was originally supposed to be completely driverless; however, the law got in the way. The state of California introduced a couple of new rules that require all cars to have manual controls, so that an actual human driver can take control over the car if something unexpected happens with the car’s software. In order to keep their vehicle road-legal, Google was forced to add controls such as a steering wheel and pedals into their otherwise completely autonomous self-driving cars.

200 Google self-drive cars could soon cruise the streets of California

Google’s self-drive cars have been thoroughly tested in the past few years on the streets, roads and highways of California and Nevada; they have driven hundreds of thousands of miles without a single accident. However, when it comes to something as risky as driverless cars, you can never be too careful. That is why Google is planning to produce about 200 fully functioning prototype cars to test things further. Eventually, they are hoping to find an industrial partner they can team up with and bring driverless cars to the mass market in as little as five years.


Is Uber losing the battle?

Uber is one of the most popular services in the world, despite the never-ending criticism pointed towards the company and the ever-growing number of adversaries who keep on addressing the issues such as insufficient regulations and debatable drivers. However, Google’s self-drive car could also interfere with Uber’s business model. It appears that Google is also developing their own ride-sharing business service, which will most likely base on their driverless car innovation. It looks like we’ll soon have a choice between sharing a ride with a real person or a very advanced robot …



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