Windfarms off the Dutch coast

A consortium of Eneco, Shell and Van Oord has made a bid to participate in the Dutch government tender to build two windfarms off the Dutch coast. The consortium has selected MHI Vestas as the preferred wind turbine supplier.

The wind power tender comprises of two permits to build and operate two windfarms of 350 MW maximum installed capacity each – enough to power the equivalent of 825,000 households. The two windfarm sites, called Borssele I and II, are located 22 km off the coast of Zeeland


Five offshore wind farm zones have been designated for the development of new wind farms and a new scheme has been launched to facilitate the establishment of these farms. This first round of tenders is for Borssele. Subsidies and permits for the development of wind farms on sites I and II of the Borssele Wind Farm Zone will be awarded to the lowest bid that meets all criteria.

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The application for subsidy and permit for the sites I and II is closed. More information about the application at mijnrvo. All site studies of Borssele sites I and II are described in the project and site description of Borssele Wind Farm Sites I and II.

For more information visit the website of Van Oord.


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